Betalingsservice Mobile App - Payments FAQ
Yes the recurrent Betalingsservice payments are drawn from the account you have chosen. When you receive a new payment slip and wants to sign it up for recurrent payments with Betalingsservice the payment slip itself still needs to be paid - and this is where the debit card comes into play. Because the mandate for Betalingsservice is still in processing we cannot draw the first amount from your account, and therefore we offer the possibility to pay it with your debit card.
No - Betalingsservice payments are drawn from the account that you have chosen when you signed up the mandate. The account can of course be the same as for your debit card, but you decide which account that should be used for Betalingsservice.
At the time being unfortunately not. But we are working on implementing other card types within the app.
Yes you can - you can either chose a preferred account under settings - this account will then be used every time you sign up a new mandate. You can also chose the account to be used when you're signing up the mandate - this can be done in either the payment or the sign up flow.
With the current legislation Nets are not allowed to make an account to account transfer before a mandate is created. That is why the first bill has to be paid with a debit card, but if the bill is signed up for Betalingsservice at the same time all the subsequent payments will be drawn from the account that you have chosen.